Clean Air System

GT Scien, Korea

Clean air system is a necessary laboratory equipment as it supplies clean and pleaseant laboratory environments to chemists and researchers by complete removal of Toxic gases, VOC’s, offensive smells and fumes generated during experiments and chemical reactions through effective neutralization.

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  • Easy to move by rolling casters for local cleaning and exhaution
  • Compact design with Flexible Arm rotating in a 360 degree arc
  • Fliter: Removal of harmful gases, VOC’s, offensive smells and fumes
  • Chemical Motor: Special Coils and bearing for no chemical reactions
  • Turbo Blower: High efficient specially designed blower
  • Pre-Hepa Filter: Removal of 0.3um fine dust to prolong HEPA filter greatly
  • Lower Noise and Sound Proofing: By Melamine absorption board and vibration pad
  • Ductless Type: Easy installation and prevention of heat-loss
  • Lower maintenance cost by unique and renovated developed filters
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