Bedding Disposal Workstations

Esco, Singapore

ESCO specializes in ULPA filtered cleanroom construction components for use in critical environments to protect products and processes from micro-contamination. Esco units incorporate German made ebm-papst permanently lubricated, direct drive, centrifugal blowers with external rotor designs, and Swedish Camfil-Farr ULPA filters. Esco products comply to major international standard and guidelines.

VIVA® Bed Disposal Animal Containment Workstations

Cage cleaning and bedding disposal procedures are now simpler, safer and more productive

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Key Benefits:

  • ELISA-verified allergen containment
  • Sentinel™ Microprocessor controller
  • Industry-exclusive integrated height hydraulic to enable the workstation to be adjusted as per user requirements
  • Long life ULPA filter protects the user and the environment from harmful particulates created when dumping cages. Pre-filter extends the life of the main ULPA filter and can be safely changed within the work zone with the airflow operating.
  • NanocarbTM activated carbon filter to remove odors.
  • High performance, energy efficient and minimal maintenance blower system.
  • Single piece stainless steel work zone liner simplifies cleaning.
  • Offset opening in the work surface provides a staging area for cages to be dumped facilitating faster and safer cage processing.
  • A 40-gallon NSF listed waste container is mounted to the work surface allowing for rapid disposal of waste materials within the work zone.
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