Precise, extremely reliable, easy to operate and almost vibration-free – these are only a few quality features of the test and simulation equipment of the RUMED® Line Eco. The most budget-pricedEco appliances are ideal for tests in the standard temperature range from 0 °C to 50 °C with only low requirements regarding humidity control and luminous intensity.

The precision appliances of the Eco-Line have proven worldwide, even under most adverse research conditions. Their freedom from vibration is the basis for successful research. Therefore, they are applied by many Nobel laureates. Very often, the appliances are used for protein crystalli­zation, but they are also indispensable in microbiology and for seed tests. The housings of this series consist of electro-galvanized sheet-steel with white powder coating. Due to their high, slim format the floor space required in the laboratory is minimized, while offering plenty of volume: from 100 l to 400 l. The interior consists of shock-resistant plastic material, the shelves consist of plastic-laminated wire. Smooth surfaces and rounded edges ensure easy cleaning.

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General view of the most important advantages:

  • Test room volume 100 l to 400 l
  • Temperature range 0 °C to +50 °C
  • High operating convenience, intuitive handling by means of the Control2015 touch.
  • Vibration-free, energy-efficient cooling by solenoid valve-bypass-technology
  • Telescope-like retractable shelves, adjustable in height
  • Possibility of combination with the options light and humidity
  • Space-saving construction
  • Easy cleaning
  • Extremely durable


Technical Data


Type E100 E160 E 230 E400
Test room
Volume (l) 100 160 230 400
Minimum temperature 0 °C 0 °C 0 °C 0 °C
Maximum temperature +50 °C +50 °C +50 °C +50 °C
Temperature deviation in time ( °C) ±0,5 °C ±0,5 °C ±0,5 °C ±0,5 °C
Height (mm) 510 875 1265 1265
Width (mm) 510 460 460 600
Depth (mm) 415 425 425 550
Number of shelves (standard delivery scope) 2 3 3 3
Maximum load per shelf (kg) 40 40 40 50
Height (mm) 1070   1470 1860 1860
Width (mm) 600 600 600 750
Depth (mm) 670 620 620 745
Electric connection (V/Hz) 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50
Net weight of standard unit (kg) 50 60 75 90



  • Evaporation Humidifier – a simple and cost-effective alternative

 For this low-cost version, an evaporation humidifier is installed in the test room. Application of an evaporation humidifier is always recommendable, if it is required to keep air humidity values beyond 60 % to avoid drying of the specimen. In case of higher requirements to the control performance, an ultrasonic atomizer is recommendable. With an evaporation humidifier, the relative humidity is controlled by a PID-controller being integrated into the Control2015 touch. The sensor is a temperature-compensated, capacitive sensor, which can be calibrated. The water supply is either realized automati­cally by direct connection to the drinking water supply or by periodical manual refilling of drinking water. The evaporation humidifier is the exclusive way of humidification of the ECO Appliance Line. The Premium-Line furthermore includes the high-precision controllable ultrasonic atomization.


  • Glazed Door

 Free view on the specimen is ensured by an optional glazed door






  • Tubular Port

A 45 mm duct in the side panel allows insertion of measuring lines and hoses into the test room. Delivery including cover. For the Eco-Line or as additional duct in the Premium-Line.

Order No.: E9930-01 (Eco-Line)
P9930-01 (Premium-Line)


  • Closing Plug

Gas-tight closing plug, matching to the tubular port. The gasket system with a flexibility in the range of 4 mm to 23 mm is based on a rubber module with removable skins and can be adapted to the cables, tubes etc. in different sizes.

Order No.: E9930-02 (Eco-Line)
P9930-02 (Premium-Line)


  • Fresh Air Rosette

2 Fresh air rosettes, air flow rate adjustable, located in the upper and lower area of the test room, ensure the fresh air supply into the test room.

Application: Plants, test animals.




  • Steering Rollers

Mobile version of the test cabinet with 4 steering rollers, 2 of them lock-type with brake.

Order No.: E9930-04 (Eco-Line)
P9930-04 (Premium-Line)



  • Socket

Test room socket for connection of shakers, magnetic mixers etc. in the test room. The switching-on times can be freely programmed by means of the Control2015 touch

Order No.: E9930-05 (Eco-Line)
P9930-05 (Premium-Line)


  • Door Release

Electromagnetic door release by means of the Control2015 touch. Door unlocking only after successful authorization with entry in the logbook (name, date, time).

Order No.: E9930-06 (Eco-Line)
P9930-06 (Premium-Line)



Type E100 E160 E 230 E400
Additional shelf E0100-01 E0160-01 E0230-01 E0400-01
Glazed panel door   E0160-02 E0230-02 E0400-02
Execution 110V/60Hz E0100-03 E0160-03 E0230-03 E0400-03
Evaporation humidification     E0230-20 E0400-20
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