Freeze Dryers

LabTech S.r.l, Italy

LabTech S.r.l. is a leading manufacturer in Italy with skill and passion devoted to provide advanced laboratory solutions. Major LabTech products include Organic / Inorganic sample preparation systems, Laboratory cooling / heating temperature control equipments, Gas Generators etc. Instruments like Water Chillers, Concentrators, Gas Generators, Centrifuges, Freeze Dryers and Rotary Evaporators have made Labtech popular in many labs around the world. Labtech Products are best by design, quality, safety, performance, productivity and flexibility. With knowledgeable scientists and experienced engineers, Labtech’s R&D team has developed and released a series of new equipments and instruments dedicated to the modern laboratories.


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Key Benefits:

  • Ultimate Chamber Temp (at RT) (°C): -55, -80, -110
  • ICE Condensing Capacity (kg) upto 8 kg
  • Provide wide solvent coverage by dropping temperature down to -110℃
  • HyperCOOL by itself, when equipped with manifolds or chambers,becomes a versatile freeze dryer
  • Automatic De-Vac and De-Ice functions installed
  • Magnet embedded front cover of the condenser for very convenient cleaning
  • Extended applications for concentrating wider range or larger volume of solvents
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