Customized Solutions

Cooled Incubator

Cooled incubator for temperature-conditioning of drugs in clean room, agitator, direct filling out of the cabinet by integrated Triclamp hose connections. Chiller with water cooling or water-cooled refrigerating machine for avoidance of heat exchangers and fans in the clean room.




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Light Thermostat

Light thermostat for algae toxicity test with rotational stand for precise and homogeneous lighting, avoidance of sedimentation and simultaneous possibility of gassing of each individual specimen.



Fresh Plasma Lighting System

Fresh plasma lighting system for inactivation of the HIV virus



 Heating and Drying Cabinets

Heating and drying cabinet for determination of the dry weight of plant material or soil samples. Charging by means of carriage and online weight registration is possible as option.












After Vulcanization Heating Cabinets

After vulcanization heating cabinets executed as chest or cabinet with doors or drawer


Sintering Oven


Clean Room Hot Air Pass-Through Sterilizers

Cleanroom hot air pass-through sterilizers class 100 with carriage charging and electromotively operated sliding doors



Test Bench

Test bench for tests regarding temperature resistance and runtime under quasi-real conditions.    


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