Combined Refrigerator and Freezer

Fiocchetti, Italy

For more than 40 years Fiocchetti, Italy has been manufacturing Refrigerators and Freezers for dedicated use in Laboratories, Research Centers and Hospitals. Fiocchetti equipments are synonym of reliability and safety. The new range of Fiocchettisequipments features an attractive, stylish design and improved performance, to preserve valuable samples. Single or double temperature range REFRIGERATORS, FREEZERS, COMBINED (Refrigerator + Freezer) and ICE FLAKERS are available in a vast range of capacities and dimensions.


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Combined Refrigerator and Freezer

Range of double temperature equipment featuring two independent compartments (each one monitored by its own controller), cooling units and available in a wide range of capacities, varying from 280 to 700 liters (refrigerator and freezer compartment have the same capacity). Thanks to their double function and the compliance to the strictest regulations, they are suitable for use in several different medical and scientific field, especially laboratories. All models are available either with ECT-F thermostat or with ECT-TOUCH controller.



Temperature Range :+2°C to +15°C; -10°C to -35°C

Capacity: 280Litres – 700Litres

Anti-mist triple layer tempered Glass Door, or with Solid Door

Stainless Steel Interior

Eco Friendly Refrigerant Gases

Lower Power Consumption

3Different Controllers: 

  • ECT-F, LCD display with acoustic and visual alarms + recording of the last 16 detected alarms
  • ECT-F PLUS: ECT-F controller features’ and also including the recording of the minimum/maximum temperature and battery pack for power failure alarm.
  • ECT-F TOUCH, Touchscreen display with real time graph and data/alarms recording – downloadable by SD card or USB port.


Optional Accessories:

  • Castors with brakes
  • Additional Shelf
  • Extractible Aluminum Drawer with partitions
  • Plexiglas front for drawers
  • Wire basket in stainless steel
  • Sliding wire stainless steel drawer
  • Drawer for narcotics with keylock
  • S/Steel Rack
  • Back-up Batteries
  • External Terminal Board for RS485/Ethernet/Dry Contact
  • Dmlp Digital Monitor Touch
  • Condensate water evaporation tray
  • Cable port mm 35 with cap
  • Cable port mm 15
  • Humidity Sensor
  • PT100 probe (free contacts)
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • 4-20mA converter module
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