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Laboratory Ovens

Introducing Esco Isotherm® – world class laboratory ovens from Esco with the technologies and compliance to prove it. Ergonomic, intuitive interfaces, microprocessor PID controls with programming options, 4 zone heated air jacket, precisely tuned and tested ventilation and insulation package, all supported by Esco’s solutions-based sales and service representatives worldwide.

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Safe, Superior Protection for Sample, User and the Environment


  • Multiple redundant over-temperature protection system to guarantee maximum sample and user protection.
  • Electronic over-temperature protection built into the microprocessor.
  • Redundant mechanical over-temperature protection, adjustable from the front, independent from the microprocessor.
  • Overall temperature protection meets DIN 12880 Class 3.1.
  • Red LED illuminates if external mechanical temperature protection is engaged.
  • Controller will control temperature at the over temperature setpoint.
  • All electrical components UL recognized.
  • Electrical circuit protection in accordance with UL requirements.

Quality Esco Construction

  • Electrogalvanized steel with white oven-baked epoxy antimicrobial powder-coated finish.
  • External surfaces are powder coated with Esco ISOCIDE to eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure.

Ergonomic Design Improves Convenience

  • Ergonomic door handle, operation is gravity assisted.
  • Bright LED displays mounted at top (not base) of the device are easily read from across the laboratory.
  • 2 shelves in all the models.
  • Directly mounted shelves increase usable chamber space.


  • Cleanroom” design with minimal joints and crevices is easy to clean.
  • Single piece stainless steel chamber with rounded corners.
  • Formed direct shelf mounts reduce chamber hardware and reduce difficult to clean spaces.


  • Diagnostic functions in the microprocessor include historical read-out of temperatures.
  • Diagnostic menu provides read-out of all sensor inputs and controller settings.
  • Service can be carried out from the front.
  • All electronic components are isolated from the work chamber, and easily accessible for replacement.
  • Low service costs.
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