The Seed-Line – ideally applicable for systematic ISTA compliant seed tests

From sample division over purity examination up to determination of germination – RUMED® Germinators are the professional alternative to cooled incubators, wherever high reproducibility of the results is required.


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The Jacobsen Method

The Jacobsen germinator mainly consists of a germination plate being temperature-conditioned by means of the water basin below. The water bath is equipped with an automatic temperature control.

The germination spirals being equipped with a paper wick and a paper substrate are placed on the germination plate. The wick is being led through slots in the germination plate and reaches into the water bath below, thus supplying the required humidity and the desired temperature to the paper substrate. The circular filter papers are covered with a transparent cover dome to provide the air humidity being required for the germination. A little hole in the upper end of that dome ensures sufficient supply of fresh air and minimum evaporation at the same time.

Units being executed with active cooling allow day-night temperature alternation, as well as any temperature profile.



The Rodewald Method

Rodewald germinators are mainly consisting of a tub being filled with silica sand, which is hanging in a temperature-conditioned water basin for temperature conditioning and moistening.

The Rodewald method is particularly suitable for vegetable or forest seed due to the adjustable low humidity and the inferior tendency to fungal growth. The seed is deposited on filter papers on the sand. A water channel being integrated in the sand insertion tub with adjustable level regulation gives moisture to the seed via wicks in the sand and the capillary effect of the sterilized crystal silica sand.

An acrylic glass cover avoids drying-out of the sand. The glass cover can be steplesly opened for ventilation. A surrounding groove avoids dripping of the condensate water into the sand.


Technical Data

Type X320 X500 S240 S360
Method Jacobsen Jacobsen Rodewald Rodewald
Minimum temperature +5 °C +5 °C +5 °C +5 °C
Maximum temperature +40 °C +40 °C +40 °C +40 °C
Number of germination domes 120 180 - -
Width of the effective surface (mm) 960 1440 900 1390
Depth of the effective surface (mm) 820 820 700 700
Height (mm) 1010  1010 1160 1160
Width (mm) 1155 1650 1165 1660
Depth (mm) 920 920 935 935
Electric connection (V/Hz) 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50
Net weight of standard unit (kg) 115 150 130 170
Lighting S0120-30 S0180-30 - -


Soil Divider for Samples

The soil divider for samples being completely executed in stainless steel makes the reliable and representative sampling of partial samples dead easy. The seed is just to be placed into the opened cover and it is to be distributed more or less uniformly. Due to the special construction with 18 channels, the seed will be separated into two partial samples of the same size as soon as the cover is closed. After the separation, the partial samples can be withdrawn easily from the two lateral drawers. The void-free construction ensures easy cleaning without any residues. Due to the electropolished surfaces sticking of residues is practically made impossible.

H x W x D: 440 mm x 280 mm x 510 mm
Weight: 8,5 kg
Order No.: S9910-01



Seed Blowers

The seed blower serves for quick and easy separation of light and heavy seed. The seed is filled into a drawer of the acrylic glass cylinder. A fine-meshed sieve closes the upper end of the cylinder. A speed-controlled blower in the cylinder generates a constant upward air column. Depending on its size and weight, the seed will fall into one of the 3 collecting vessels being installed at the cylinder. The light seed will be deposited in the upper collecting vessel, whereas the heavy seed will be deposited in the lower collecting vessel. A further sieve at the bottom of the cylinder avoids penetration of seed into the blower. After disconnection of the blower, the sieve contains also the deposit, consisting of the residues and eventually of small stones. The collecting vessels are equipped with a snap buckle clip allowing easy removal.

H x W x D: 1045 mm x 440 mm x 220 mm
Weight: 7,5 kg
Order-No.: S9920-01



Vacuum Seed Counter

This extremely practical device facilitates the tiring and time-consuming counting and uniform depositing of seed for germination. It is particularly suitable for seed being regularly shaped and relatively even, such as grain, brassica and trifolium sorts. The seed counter consists of three main components:
a vacuum system with connection hose, a number of counting heads corresponding to the different seed sorts and a valve to dissolve the vacuum. The vacuum capacity can be adjusted by a potentiometer. The counting heads with 100, 50 or 25 bore holes are some smaller than the paper substrate and are equipped with an edge to prevent the seed from rolling off. The diameter of the holes is adapted to the size of the seed and the suction capacity of the vacuum.

The delivery scope includes 1 Counting Head, each, Order No.: S9930-20 and S9930-30.
H x W x D: 270 mm x 440 mm x 220 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Order No.: S9930-01


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