Air Decontamination Units

Airinspace, France

Derived from space engineering technology and now a leading company in air treatment innovation, Airinspace develops mobile and built-in air quality solutions for healthcare and laboratories based on microbial destruction, particle collection and trapping of harmful gases/molecules. Airinspace is the gold standard choice for control of airborne microorganisms: bacteria, fungi and viruses. Airinspace’s mission is to provide innovative, high performance and cost-effective protection solutions to combat airborne contamination in critical care and sensitive environments.

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Ceiling-Mounted Air Decontamination Unit

  • Fixed ceiling mounted solution for rooms with limited floor space.
  • Air volumes treated from 400 to 800 m3/h, (235 to 470 cfm).
  • For rooms up to 50 m3 giving 16 each (air changes per hour)
  • Unique Coanda effect air profile.
  • Remote control, with integral lighting (option).

Mobile Air Decontamination Units

  • High Efficiency Particulate Arrestation combined with Microbial Destruction. (HEPA-MD ) Choice of two sizes with airflow rates up to 2000 m3/h – 1117 cfm.
  • Mobile and flexible solution for securing all infectious risk areas up to 150m3 room volumes.
  • Exceptional maneuverability and intrinsically safe
  • Easy to use, small footprint, easy installation, minimal servicing, quiet operation and eco friendly.
  • No filter, no gases, no chemicals, no UV light used.
  • Designed for use with critical care patients
  • Can reach ISO6 and B5 (dependent on existing conditions)

Mobile or Fixed Protective Environment

  • Mobile or stationary protective environments for the ultimate patient protection with up to 135 ach
  • Works with both Sentinel and T2006NG Plasmair models
  • Works with both Sentinel and T2006NG Plasmair models
  • Ideal for very high Infectious risk applications, Zone 4 (to ISO 5 / B1)


FDA (USA), HPA (UK), DGKH (Germany), CE Class 1 Medical product. Tested at Porton Down, CNRS, Harvard School of Public Health.

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