Life Science Applications

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Life Science 

  • Protein Crystallization

 For determination of a three-dimensional structure of a protein according to the hanging drop or sitting drop method of vapour diffusion.Eco Line (E100 – E400) in vibration-free execution for determination of optimum conditions for crystallization



  • Seeds Tests

 For purity and germination tests of seed according to ISTA.Soil divider 5991-01, seed blower 59920-01 and vacuum seed counter 59930-01 for specimen preparation.Jacobsen or Rodewald germinator for determination of germination, optionally germinator E400 with lighting E0400-30 and option humidification E0400-20. Also walk-in germination chambers are available.



  • In Vitro Cultivation

 For mass cultivation (cloning) of plant cells under in vitro conditions. P530/P1060 and dimmable lighting in 4 levels P0530-35/P1060-35 with special air conduction for condensate-free cultivation without formation of condensate drops below the covers of the culture vessels. Thus, a burning glass effect and contamination by dripping condensate are excluded.



  • Plant Growth

 For cultivation of test plants under defined environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, light and CO2). Premium Line with ultrasonic humidification / dehumidification, most different types of lighting and the possibility of CO2 supply for application as plant growth cabinet. For large quantities of test plants Walk-in Plant Growth Chambers (Phytotrons) are available.


  • Arabidopsis

 For genetic research at a perfect model organism by the comparatively small completely sequenced genome as well as the short generation cycle. P530, P850, P1060 or P1700 with humidification, lighting and optional CO2 gassing



  • Zoology (Ant)

Evolution and behaviour ecology of ants as model organisms. E400 with lighting E0400-30




  • Drosophila Breeding

 As test animal for genetic and physiological development research. P530/P1060 with acid-proof stainless steel plate evaporator P0530-10/. P1060-10 for prevention of refrigerant loss due to pitting by feed containing propionic acid. Available with humidification and dehumidification as well as lighting or door glazing.


  • Bees

  Laboratory test for determination of the acute toxicity of agents or prepared pesticides at oral uptake and contact.P530, lighting P0530-50, humidification P0530-21 and dehumidification P0530-22



  • Daphnia

 For examination of toxic effects in aquatic ecosystems of standing water on the floatability of small crabs. E400, lighting E0400-30 or walk-in chambers for a large quantity of samples




  • Algae Toxicity According to ISO8692

 For examination of toxic effects of single substances or environmental specimens on the growth of green algae. P530, two-sided lighting P0530-50, rotational stand with acrylic glass plate for defined positioning of the specimens, stepper motor to pass the specimens along the lighting and to shake the medium avoiding sedimentation (optionally also with gassing)


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