Pharma Grade Parts and Glassware Washer

Icos Pharma Grade Glassware Washers offers pre-washing, washing, rinsing, drying and cooling phases with optimal performance in a compact size and footprint solution. These machines are designed for pharmaceutical products such as glassware, pipettes, machine parts, tanks, glass bottles, pill stamps, carboys, tubes, needles, etc. This machine uses FDA approved components (valves, filters, piping, triclamp fittings, pumps, etc.).

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The entire range is manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards cGMP GAMP and FDA regulations parts 11, 211 and 212, using high-quality industrial components. The planning and the production is based on standards and guidelines recognized both worldwide as well as in the final installation country: GAMP – cGMP – A.S.M.E. – MCA – ISPE baseline – FDA – 21CFR part 11 – ISO 9001.

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