VersaCool™ Refrigerated Circulating Bath, -20° to +150°C

Increase the number of samples that can be controlled with the Thermo Scientific™ VersaCool™ Refrigerated Circulating Bath. Featuring a new “headless” design, VersaCool is suitable for use as a recirculating refrigerated bath or heated circulator to circulate fluid from the bath to specific applications. It can easily be used on or under a bench, fume hood, industrial and even mobile installations. Advancements in remote monitoring capabilities, energy efficiency, global voltage input, and other tools and features give you control and optimal precision.
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Go headless. Get more benefits.
  • VersaCool is designed to address all your daily challenges,so you can stay focused on what you enjoy doing most – uncovering the answers to science’s most perplexing questions.
More space to fit samples
  • Removal of the control head and coil creates a larger, safer and easier to clean working area
  • Increase the number of samples and maximize results
  • Obtain a larger work area while maintaining a compact footprint on your workbench


Global voltage capabilities
  • Automatically detects appropriate voltage
  • One part number that works on all voltages worldwide


Remote operation at your fingertips
  • Utilize the communication and control features to ensure your samples are properly maintained
  • Pair to any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet for remote operation and monitoring
  • Obtain operational control from remote location with our NesCom software or with Thermo Scientific™ Smart-Vue™ wireless monitoring solution


Lower power consumption and energy costs
  • Continually operates in an energy efficient mode
  • Variable speed control in pumps, fans and compressors
  • Use only the energy you need for your application


Tool-less, drip-less rack and lid
  • Tool-less rack accommodates a wide range of beaker and test tube sizes
  • Left-handed hinge, right-handed hinge, or unhinged lid
  • Dripless lid and optional gable cover reduce moisture and directs condensate back into bath.


Intuitive, 5.7 in. touchscreen color display for easier, more efficient setup
  • Glove/Stylus friendly touchscreen interface
  • Bright display to view critical readings
  • Simple navigation and operation
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