Under-counter ULT Freezer

Suitable for clinical, medical, scientific research, quarantine and other departments to store items under low temperature conditions. Applicable for universities, hospitals, disease prevention and control centres, blood stations, scientific research institutes, electronics and chemical enterprise laboratories and biomedical engineering research institutes. For storage of biological products and biological samples such as red and white blood cells, viruses, bone and bacteria. Also used for electronic devices and other materials used for cryogenic tests.

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Energy Efficient, Safe and Reliable

High efficiency HC refrigeration system, optimised for energy efficiency delivering a power consumption figure of just 5.5kW/24hrs.


Personal ULT Storage

810mm cabinet height makes it easy to place on or under counter, saving storage space. Stackable design.


Ergonomic design

Ergonomic handle design ensures easy one-hand door opening.

Low noise

Optimized noise reduction cabinet and system design, emits sound level of only 46.8dB.
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