Vacuum Chambers

Plas Labs, U. S. A.

Plas-Labs is the world leader in Acrylic Containment and lsolation Technology. Since 1967, Plas-Labs’ product line of glove boxes have been used in research laboratories all over the world. Plas-Labs Hypoxia Chamber Glove Box is the latest in CO Control, Oxygen Control and Temperature Controlled Containment System. Products include Glove Boxes, 2 Anaerobic Chambers, isolators, Environmental Controlled Chambers, Desiccators, PCR Chambers, Nitrogen Dry Boxes, Animals Care and Animals Research Products.

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  • Heavy gauge .375″ and .500″ thick transparent jeweled acrylic plastic.
  • Closed cellular (One piece) Poron gasket.
  • Unique “gasket guard” system to prevent gasket from taking a “set.”
  • Nylon inlet and outlet gas nipples, hosw barb style, size 1/8″&1/4″ hose barbs.
  • Greaseless Neoprene “O” ring.
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