Instrument Washer Disinfectors

Steelco, Italy

Equipment and services for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of reusable medical instruments.
Outstanding solutions focused on quality, safety, productivity and environmental compatibility.
Steelco can provide washer disinfectors for small practices, up to high productivity devices and full system planning service to support CSSD team Managers in customizing lay-out configuration for new or restructured projects.


CSSDs and automated systems

The main advantages of the treatment of reusable medical instruments in a Central Sterilization Supply Department (CSSD) are in terms of:

Safety – because the operations are carried out by trained, experienced and infection control specialized personnel Economy – because of reduced personnel need and fast return of the investment Reduced environmental impact – because of the high efficiency of the centralized devices

Our systems and automations are designed to fulfill all customer expectations such as increasing staff productivity, saving time, water and energy consumption thus helping to create the basis for a long lasting satisfying experience.

Steelco can provide a full system planning Service to support CSSD team Managers in customizing lay-out configuration for new or restructured projects.

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TW 3000/2 – Smart tunnel

The new TW 3000/2 “Smart Tunnel” represents an innovative approach to high reprocessing capacity instrument washer disinfectors with a productivity of up to 62 DIN 1/1 net trays per hour.

With its simple and clever concept, this double chamber tunnel washer disinfector easily reaches the highest productivity/space and productivity/cost ratios in the market.

By providing a higher troughput, the number of required devices is significantly reduced so that additional space is gained and investment costs can be lowered.

Washer dimensions W D H H+ H-
mm 1150 1775 1980 2280 850
inches 45.27 69.88 77.95 89.76 33.46

TW 3000/2 can be combined with ATS system and DS 1000 washer disinfectors. It is organized to accept and manage the same range of carts and accessories used in DS 1000.

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