Forma™ Vertical Light Chamber, 821 L, Stainless Steel, Type 304 /1.4301, 2B Finish

Forma Vertical Light Chambers address a variety of applications that require sample exposure with light, along with temperature control

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  • Solid door comes standard
  • Flexible set up of light modules addresses requirements for sample distance to light and sample volume
  • Address applications under optimal conditions with light choices. Wide light distribution is achieved with 7 light bulbs
  • Three different light modules are available to address specific applications:

ICH stability testing - addressing light and UV exposure according to guideline Q1B
Plant growth - addressing high red/blue radiation for optimal growth conditions
Animal hatching - providing daylight simulation

  • Program light cycles:

Day/Night or Individual on/off cycles for every day of the week
Dawn/dusk simulations with increasing light intensity in 3 steps

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