-150°C Cryo Freezer

-150℃ Cryo freezer, developed by Haier Biomedical, provides a safe, convenient and economical alternative long term storage method for customers. By providing a storage environment about 20℃ colder than the water recrystallization temperature, the freezer is suitable for storage of a varieties of biological samples such as viruses, erythrocytes, leukocytes, cutis, skeleton, sperms, oceanic products, special test materials and even electronic products for testing. It can be installed in institutions including blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, research institutes, and research laboratories.

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Hydrocarbon Energy Saving

● Imported brand compressor, hydrocarbon refrigerant, dual-compressors 4-stage cascade refrigeration system, high efficiency and energy saving

● Imported brand efficient fan, intelligent start and stop


Superior Uniformity

The temperature is more uniform, set -150°C, the difference between the highest temperature and the lowest temperature in the box is less than 10°C

Environmentally Friendly

● HC refrigerant, truly fully environmentally friendly refrigeration system, GWP=0

● LBA polyurethane foam, environmental protection


Low Noise

Optimized system and structure noise reduction design, the noise 55 dB (A)

Safe, Secure and Reliable

The standard ambient temperature ranges from 10°C to 32°C. The pressure state of the system can be automatically adjusted by the pressure controller to prevent the pressure from being too high to effect the freezer operation. Multiple alarms, including high and low temperature, power failure, door ajar, hot condenser, low battery, sensor error, and high ambient temperature.
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