Superheated Water & Steam Air Mixture Sterilizers

Used to sterilize liquids in sealed or heat-sensitive containers such as: bottles, ampoules, vials, semi-open containers, bags, blister packing, pre-filled syringes, pockets, contact lenses, LPVs, and also for the pasteurization of products like blood plasma. The sterilization program using superheated water is used mainly for sterilizing large containers, although it can also be used for other types of loads.

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Pure steam is used in the chamber for heating liquids and over-pressure filtered air is injected into chamber to compensate for the rising temperature and pressure inside products. Internal fans ensure a uniform temperature distribution, between 110°C to 135°C, and to avoid cold spots across the chamber. Rapid heating and cooling are standard phases. Products are completely dry at the end of the cycle.

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