Vacuum Tube Lifter

Palamatic design and manufacture quality vacuum lifting systems.

Each industrial sector faces its own set of problems when moving materials throughout the operation. Our knowledge has built up over years of working with companies in over 20 manufacturing industries.

The Palamatic Vacuum Lifter concept is simply about offering distinct categories that combine to lift loads from 10kg (22lbs) or less up to 350kg (770lbs) to overcome manual handling issues and speed up production.

​The S-LINE vacuum tube lifter series for streamlined robust effortless lifting, and our Uni-LITE vacuum lifter series of single-handed solutions for speedy handling of the product.

Both offer high stacking options.

​All systems can be supplied with a gantry crane system specified for the application.

​Ours systems meet health and safety standards. See more


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Some of our vacuum tube lifting solutions include:

  • Cardboard box lifting and carton handling, palletizing, and depalletizing
  • Board lifting on to CNC, turning rotating and inspecting
  • Paper and plastic sack lifting and bag lifting on to conveyor sack tip shelf and depalletizing or palletizing in food, chemical and other processing areas
  • Door handling with cut-outs
  • Core reel lifting and turning on to mandrel on packaging lines​
  • Steel drum lifting, fiber kegs and plastic drum pouring of powder and liquids
  • Cask lifting and keg stacking in breweries
  • Spandrel panel lifting and turning 
  • Pallet lifting and pallet inspection in distribution
  • Fulfilmentcentre order picking of boxes and stacking up to 2000mm
  • Paint Line loading with doors and panels
  • Trespa Jumbo board lifting up to 300kg
  • Glass lifting
  • ATEX lifting applications
  • cGMP solutions


 Boxes and Cartons

Vacuum tube lifters are the ideal vacuum lift assist solution for box and carton handling. Whether you need to palletise, pack, or stack boxes of any size the Palamatic Vacuum Lifter can help.

A standard vacuum lifter can help an operator to stack cartons up to 2.5m (98"). A telescopic control handle can be utilized to allow an operator to lift from stacks of 2.75m.





Common panel handling problems relate to the awkward nature of the payload - particularly so for CNC, Router, Edge Bander, and Beam Saw loading operations. Palamatic’s board, panel, door and furniture lifting systems take the strain away from the operator, replace it with a user-friendly vacuum powered lift assister, and protect your product from accidental damage.






Palamatic is the leading supplier of Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems to the Woodworking industry.

The Palamatic vacuum tube lifting systems are safe, durable, and effective tools to take the weight up to 350kg and stress out of manual handling tasks. Vacuum lifters can be used as a lift to assist workers in performing repetitive tasks such as re-stacking and machine loading. These manual handling tasks can include board lifting, 180° board turning and 90° manual panel turning (ideal for a vertical panel saw loading).




Reels of the packaging material can be picked, lifted, and rotated using a Palamatic vacuum tube lifter. Print bundles can be picked from the machine, where they may stand on a slight angle, moved over to an adjacent pallet, and stacked in any orientation.






 Pallet Inspection

One of the biggest costs to manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers are distribution, Palamatic engineer solutions to manual handling problems within the logistics and warehouse distribution sector.

Our range of vacuum lifters can handle most products that are arriving or due to be dispatched from your facility. From simple depalletizing and product stacking to the fast and safe loading and unloading of commercial vehicles, Palamatic has or can tailor a solution for that meets your logistics requirements.

Palamatic vacuum lifters can cut down the time taken to load and offload commercial vehicles. Our simple to use lifters can be used by just one operator with speed and efficiency, operators are less likely to suffer fatigue, injury, or repetitive strain as a result of moving heavy objects.


With a full range of pallet lifters and inspectors, we have a warehouse/logistics solution for you.



The Palamatic S-Line Vacuum Tube Lifter is the ideal method of lifting sacks safely protecting the operator from serious back injuries and businesses from damaging insurance claims. The modular built lifting systems with the vacuum pump, filter system, supply hose, heavy-duty lift tube, in-built safety features, ergonomic control valve with handle and sack suction foot with foam rubber seal combine to achieve the most cost-effective and safe material handling solution for this process.






Drum handling of metal or plastic drums is easily handled by the Drum Tip and Pour lifter. The unit can be configured to ATEX standards and/or confined spaces and can handle up to 300kg.

​Palamatic provides many solutions for drum handling within process areas see PalPharmacGMP Hygienic Lifting solutions for more options.




 Fulfillment Centre

Palamatic’sUni-LITE FLEX solution combines unique safety features allowing the operator to raise and lower the product while keeping the release of the load under their control. The ergonomic release the trigger mechanism is operated with the positive lift-off action ensuring there is no difficulty in detaching the load cleanly and quickly even at heights of 2000mm.







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