SychemFILL is a bedding dispenser, and is the ideal solution for the modernisation of the cage fill process.

Featuring unparalleled accuracy, Sychem’s Active Airflow Technology, a variety of easily adjustable programmes & the ability to fill a variety of rodent cage sizes, making SychemFILL one of the most accurate and efficient bedding dispensers on the market. Offering unparalleled dispensing accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 4%, SychemFILL facilitates reduced variability in studies, eliminates wastage and saves on costs. This system is compatible with all free-flowing rodent bedding, with sizes ranging from 0.9mm-10mm, as well as all commonly used wood and paper-based bedding (including corn cob).

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Bedding dispensers are widely used across animal facilities, delivering many benefits to their users. For example, they reduce the manual labour required to fill cages with bedding by hand and prevent the potential development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).


SychemFILL prolongs the life of individually ventilated cage (IVC) lid filters, air handling unit filters and room filtration. Further to this, Sychem’s Active Airflow Technology protects your users from exposure to fine particles generated when filling cages.


SychemFILL advantages include:

  • Making your cage change process more efficient. Control the volume of bedding within every cage.
  • Improving the animals living environment by reducing the dust level.
  • Replacing the scoop and bucket with an automatic system.
  • No installation requirements ‘plug-and-play’.
  • It is available in manual bedding refill execution or with our “XL” option, which features our bulk bag refill system
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