Cleaning Machines for Syringes - Balcony Washing Machine up to 36,000 pc/h

Type 308

Cartridges are fed automatically from an upstream machine or manually using trays. After an extensive pre-cleaning in an ultrasonic bath, the objects are lifted by stainless steel grippers and are then gently transported to the working stations. Servo motors positioned along the line guarantee the alignment of the cartridges with the washing and drying needles, which move along a vertical axis, efficiently cleaning the inside of the objects.

Fully customizable, the cleaning process can be equipped with additional modules for inside and outside cleaning, inner and outer blow-drying, siliconizing, tip cap or needle shield application, as well as different cleaning agents.

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Main Features:

  • Separated cleaning and maintenance areas for improved machine access
  • Innovative transport system easily adapts to a wide range of different container sizes without the need for size changeovers
  • Specialized cleaning needles, designed for improved energy efficiency
  • Ultrasonic bath for pre-cleaning of the objects
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