Weighing & Dispensing Isolator Systems

HC-IS series

The Weighing & Dispensing Isolator System has been designed for pharmaceutical industries which require the highest containment levels during manipulations of potentially hazardous compounds (HAPIs).

The Isolator System is a GMP Class 2 containment enclosure, and it’s composed of a 4 gloves working chamber, and an inlet/outlet transfert chamber.

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Key Features:

An automatic Total Containment Split Valve (mod. GEA Buck UHC DN100), and two IP69 weighing scales are integrated into the isolator for weighing, dispensing, and discharging operations. The isolator is also equipped with a Wash-In-Place (WIP) for manual washing operations.
This isolator system is equipped with a turbulent air flow system, and constantly guarantees a negative pressure gradient between the chambers and the lab environment.
The high air quality of the isolated environment is assured by High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA H14) single stage inlet and double stage outlet filters.
The system is equipped with inflatable seals to guarantee air tightness Class II (ISO 10648:2). The inflatable seals are made of FDA approved EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) manufactured by Garlock Technetics.
Operator safety is crucial because of the dangerous nature of the materials (OEL: ≤40ng/m3).

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