Animal Cage and Rack Washing Systems

Steelco, Italy

Steelco was founded in 1995 with the specific aim of becoming a world leading company in Infection Control. Since its foundation, Steelco has been at the forefront of innovation and technological progress in the Washer Disinfector area. In the last few years they have worked to become a major force for cleaning and disinfection in the healthcare, laboratory and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Animal Cage washing Systems


MITO AC 3500


MITO AC 3500 - Animal Cage and Rack Washing Systems - Steelco
  • This concept has been transferred into this new AC 3500 tunnel washer designed to clean, sanitize and dry cages and utensils used in animal research laboratories.
  • It assures higher throughput, effective waste separation and water and energy conservation.
    (nuovalinea di produzione per l’anno 2010)


Animal Cage and Rack Washing Systems (Accessories) 1- Steelco

A special sensor into the unloading module belt stops operation in case of prolonged absence of cages.



Animal Cage and Rack Washing Systems (Accessories) 3- Steelco

Steelco can provide a full system planning Service to support animal research laboratory team-Managers in customized lay-out configuration for new or restructured projects.



Animal Cage and Rack Washing Systems (Accessories) 2- Steelco

The machine is equipped with a PLC control and an operator multi language touch screen display with auto diagnostic checking that constantly monitors and displays current cycle status and alarms, it allows to optimise the washing process and to personalize programs on board of the machine. Ethernet connection standard.

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