Medical Sealing Machine

Revolutionize the way of bag sealing

The EasySeal is a high quality sealing machine designed to revolutionize the way of bag sealing. It’s the most compact sealing machine in the world. With its rapid sealing speed the EasySeal can handle high volume production. The machine is easy to adjust an therefore suitable for multiple box and crate sizes. The machine is equipped with a HMI touchscreen with on screen failure analysis. When there is a problem, it will show you what the problem is, where it is located and which action should be taken.

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The lowest total cost of ownership


You can easily set and maintain the ideal sealing temperature for your needs. The combination of a premade custom bag and active sealing ensures a secure and consistent seal every time. Whatever your bag type is, our machine can process it all. Because of its solid and simple technology, periodic maintenance and annual service will take little time. We guarantee you the lowest total cost of ownership. Whether you're a small business or an industrial operation, it's the perfect solution for your packaging setup. Choose the EasySeal and take your process to the next level.




■ 7” color LCD touch screen, graphic operation interface

■ Micro computer temperature control for accuracy of ±1%

■ Built-in OQ function

■ Only 40 seconds needed from room temperature to 180

■ Auxiliary cooling design

■ Automatic fault defection and alarm

■ Standby time and standby temperature adjustable

■ Advanced flat ceramic heating components allow dry running

■ WS310.2-2016--second part : Packaging Instruction compliant.

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