Haier Laminar Airflow Cabinet

Featuring many technologies and authoritative testing certification for reliability

·Microcomputer intelligent control panel with durable touch buttons

·Multiple safety protection functions including UV delay start

·Interlocking function to put an end to incorrect operation

·Ergonomic design to ensure comfortable operation

·Memory function to avoid repeated start-up setting

·Integrated stand with universal casters

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Product Features


High-Efficiency Filter HEPA

High-efficiency HEPA filter with efficiency of 99.99%@0.3μm, provides ISO14644.1 Class V standard clean air, safer and reliable clean air.


304 Stainless Work Surface

The durable and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel work table without fixing screws reduces the accumulation of dirt, reducing the risk of contamination.


Ergonomic Design

● Recessed internal lighting reduces eye fatigue.

●  UV sterilization start-up delay technology prevents injury by UV light. After the UV lamp switch is pressed down, the audible and visual alarm will be activated to remind the operator to leave in time;

● Pre-set function: This technology includes a pre-set UV sterilization start-up delay function to provide improved working efficiency.


Interlocking Function

There is an interlocking function between illuminating lamp and UV lamp, the UV lamp only works when the illuminating lamp is off. If the UV lamp is on, it can be turned off by pressing the daylight lamp, reducing the risk of incorrect operation.


Memory Function

The UV lamp start-up delay time, sterilization duration, pre-set start time, fan position can be set and saved by user on request for the convenient and quick cabinet start-up.


One-key Operation

●  After the UV lamp switch is pressed, the time function can be activated automatically. The default sterilization time is 30min, which can be adjusted by user within 0~99min on request.

●  Sterilization pre-set, when pressing the UV lamp, the pre-set lamp will light to remind user that the sterilization pre-set function has been activated and that the sterilization pre-set can be conducted.





Model Power Supply (V/Hz) Certificate Flow Type Internal Width Internal Height
HCB-900V 220/50 CE;NMPA(CFDA) Vertical 900mm 520mm
HCB-1300V 115/60;220/50 CE;NMPA(CFDA) Vertical 900mm 520mm


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