Plunger Rod & Backstop Insertion Machines - Syringes

Type 515

Syringes are manually fed into an infeed chute where they are transferred to the main transport system – an automated transport starwheel. The starwheel moves the syringes intermittently through the various stations, assembling up to 40 syringes per minute. Plunger rods are supplied from a vibratory sorting bowl and travel down a feed track to the insertion station. A pneumatically actuated gripper assembly picks up the plunger rod from the end of the vibratory track and leverages a 2-axis robotic arm to thread it into a syringe. At the second station, backstops are carefully placed on the flange of each syringe. The third and fourth stations check for plunger rod and backstop presence.


  • Compact machine design with integrated control cabinet
  • High precision plunger rod insertion
  • Monitored torque for ideal closing results
  • Camera inspection checks for proper plunger rod and backstop placement
  • Optional labeling station available
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Labeling and Plunger Rod Insertion
Type 607

Type 607 is a rotary style assembly and labeling machine that processes a wide variety of Syringes, Plunger Rods and Backstops. The servo controlled main drive and rotation motion of the Syringe produce precise and constant monitored torque. Plunger rod insertion is mechanically controlled offering a repeatable motion. Additional features include a fully integrated vision system for verification of component assembly and imprint placement.


Main Features:

  • Servo drives provide high precision
  • Controlled Plunger Rod insertion reducing movement
  • Torque feedback allowing for automatic adjustment of insertion
  • Automatic rejection of non-conforming containers
  • Can be used as stand-alone machine or integrated in a processing line
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