Air Baths/ Temperature Controlled Chambers


Kambic Metrology offer 25 years of experience in the field of design and production of laboratory and process equipment. It is a company specialised in designing, developing and manufacturing of high-quality laboratory and process equipment. Kambic’s chambers offer unbeatable performance, with highly impressive stability and uniformity.

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Air Baths/ Temperature Controlled Chambers

The temperature controlled chambers have an ultra-stable temperature and uniformity, with a world class metrology performance. They provide a large and oil free working area, with low noise. Cooling and heating for the chamber are provided for by a thermoelectric Peltier element using internal thermistors as sensing elements. Internal fans are used to move the air inside the chamber to provide for better temperature stability and uniformity while maintaining a quiet operation. The internal temperature is shown on an external display located on the front of the chamber. A user friendly interior design with state of the art repeatability and a user-friendly touch screen interface.

Fully stainless-steel chamber with 5 side double skin creating chamber in chamber environment for superior temperature uniformity. All exterior in galvanized and powder coated steel.


  • Fan-forced air circulation
  • Peltier driven technology
  • Dry, clean, stable and silent storage for resistors
  • User friendly control panel which includes an LCD and configurable functions
  • Extensive heat insulation on all chamber sides and doors
  • Open door alarm
  • Height adjustable stainless steel wire trays

Accessories of the Temperature Controlled Chambers: Select from a range of accessories including

  • Additional wire shelves
  • Aditional sealable side access port
  • Ethernet interface
  • USB interface


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