SychemWASTE is a flexible bedding disposal station, designed to ensure the safe disposal of laboratory animal bedding- a mandatory requirement of any animal facility to protect technicians against laboratory animal allergens (LAA’S).

Our plug and play, stand-alone bedding disposal station comes as standard with a single chute and tabletop, providing a spacious working area- ideal for handling small and large cages. Triple stage filtration allows for quiet air extraction and removal of dust, allergens and dander.

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SychemWASTE is a standalone bedding disposal unit designed to provide a clean and expansive workspace, allowing operators to safely dispose of animal bedding from a range of cages sizes without fear of allergens, dander and dust escaping.


Boasting a user-friendly design, plug-and-play solutions and unmatched cleanability, SychemWASTE can be quickly and easily installed, allowing technicians to be up and running in no time. Training provided at client request.


Our bedding disposal station is easily manoeuvrable to the desired location, and the lockable front wheels ensure that the unit will comfortably fit through any standard wide aperture. It is fitted with a small, simple information screen with a RED/GREEN status indicator. The user-friendly systems design features a variety of ‘faces’ to display the machines current form of operation. The ‘smiley’ face indicates that the filters are operating efficiently. A ‘neutral’ face indicates the filtration system is partially blocked and needs hoovering or changing. The ‘sad’ face indicates that the filtration system is entirely blocked.

We have optional extras available upon request to fit clients requirements, including our custom made second chute, to allow extra storage of used bedding.

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