For over 35 years Palamatic have led the market worldwide in materials handling innovation. Palamatic’s focus on powder process and its specific handling problems is a culmination of years of proven solutions.


The name Palamatic is synonymous with sack opening, providing dust-tight handling equipment for industries processing powder products in sacks. The handling of powders, flakes, and pellets in any environment is potentially one of the dirtiest, time-consuming, labour intensive and hazardous processes in the industry. Complying with the COSHH Regulations is a driving force for employers to reduce occupational ill health caused by operator exposure to powders causing lung disease, skin irritation, asthma, and other serious consequences.


Palamatic has considered the need for operator safety by designing a range of sack opening machines that control environmental dust emissions as well as combining low maintenance and high throughput when required.


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The ROTASLIT® opening unit is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and agrochemical powder handling industries. Its patented system of inversion carries empty bags towards a screw compactor which is an integral part of the system. The dust extraction option offers the best solution for the rapid automatic opening of sacks with no dust. It was developed into operation on platforms to facilitate the incorporation of raw materials in the process. This automatic machine uses only 3 kWmotor.

This machine is designed to open 15 to 50 kg per sack.






The automatic sack opener minislit 3000 is available with a band cutting system. Adapted to multiple powder handling applications, besides pharmaceutical products, the bag slitter MINISLIT parts can be cleaned manually or mechanically with the option “Clean In Place” providing complete washing and drying (30 minutes including washing and drying).








The Sacktip® meets hygiene and cleanliness requirements of industries guaranteeing greater protection against foreign objects and quality of your production.








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