Mini ULT Freezer

It is suitable for biobanks, vaccination production and transportation users.

·Long-distance transportation: Satisfies the -80℃ ULT transportation application requirements of 24V(DC) vehicle power supply.

·Dry ice not required: The cooler maintains the temperature at -80℃ for a long period time. Superior temperature uniformity inside the cabinet.

·Multiple applications: The cooler can also be used with 220V power supply for long-term storage.

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HC Energy Saving

High quality HC high-efficiency compressor with optimized refrigeration system, which can save 50% on power consumption.


One Unit for Multiple Applications

● Vehicle-mounted transportation with 24V(DC) power supply

● Long-term storage with 220V power supply.


Superior Uniformity

Built-in evaporator, fast cool down refrigeration, the temperature is safe, secure and reliable with the uniformity of ±3°C at key characteristic points.

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