Alpha Port

Reduced contamination risks

With a revolutionary seal design – our Easy-GlideTM system – a new sterility assurance with new safety locks, ABC Transfer® Alpha Ports are cGMP assured.

  • FDA and USP class 6 silicone seals
  • No hidden surface
  • Smaller ring of concern
  • Class 1 leaktightness
  • 0.5µm surface rugosity
  • Easy cleaning operations
  • Limited extractables
  • Fewer particles generated during connection
  • Fixed seals
  • No filters
  • External opening to protect your process
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Easy handling and maintenance

With the ABC Transfer® Alpha Port, you are in full control of your ergonomic options.

You can select the internal opening or the external opening option or combine both, as you see fit. It is even possible to operate one option and upgrade to an other one while you perform your annual summer shut down maintenance, at a later stage.

Such is the flexibility of the ABC Transfer® Alpha Port modular design.

  • Ergonomic internal opening lever
  • External opening lever
  • Large range of levers and handles
  • Programable door opening
  • Reduced rotation torque
  • Weight reduced by 30%
  • Easy seal replacement
  • Modular construction for simplified maintenance

Improved regulatory compliance

The ABC Transfer’s Alpha Port has been developed in compliance with FDA 21CFR & USP Class VI

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