IKA’s small but excellent product group of vacuum pumps is perfectly suitable for many dry and oil-free applications in the laboratory. The devices stand out due to their high suction capacity and ease of service. Their membranes are particularly chemical resistant, as well. The diaphragm vacuum pumps are suitable for many vacuum tasks in the lab such as separation, filtration or degassing. They are even suitable to construct a laboratory vacuum system in which you can switch any number of vacuum controllers in series according to the application. In addition, they perfectly complement your rotary evaporators or laboratory reactors.

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The four-chamber membrane vacuum pump convinces with its high suction capacity, low space requirement and high serviceability. The setting of the parameters is carried out through a rotary-push button over a digital display showing current rpm.
Automated processes are controlled with the vacuum controller VC 10, which is available as an accessory. An analogue cable which is required for connecting pump and controller is included in the delivery of the pump. Additionally it is recommended to use the VSE 1 vacuum safety emmission. It prevents that solvents are released into ambient air.
The Vacstar digital is used for dry and oil-free applications in the laboratory. The membranes of the pump are particularly chemical resistant.

Scope of delivery

  • Vacuum hose (1 m)
  • Silencer
  • USB cable
  • "Connecting cable MVP


IKA Vacuum IKA VACSTAR digital








MVP 10 basic vacuum pump

For dry, oil-free applications

  • Slimline, compact design and long service life
  • Straightforward servicing and simple maintenance
  • Diaphragm pump that is highly resistant to chemicals as all parts that come into contact with gas are made of PTFE or PTFE compounds

Scope of delivery

  • MVP 10 basic vacuum pump
  • Vacuum hose
  • Silencer
  • Y hose connector 8 mm


IKA Vacuum MVP 10 basic vacuum pump







VC 10 Vacuum controller

Universal vacuum controller for a two-point calibration of multiple vacuum sources. It comes with a chemo resistant ceramic pressure sensor. The high-resolution TFT display ensures intuitive operation and navigation. The ventilation valve works even during a power outage and aerates the vacuum chamber. In addition to the manual mode, up to 10 programs can be saved, with up to 10 pressure/time sequences, even allowing for saving the last experiment run. It is possible to manage the experiment via labworldsoft (RS 232 interface) and to connect an external PT 1000 temperature sensor to measure the temperature of all applications. The knob also emergency stops the controller and aerates the vacuum chamber. The longevity of the valves is supported by the cleaning function which can be adjusted for every application. The operation of the vacuum controller is facilitated by a choice of languages (menu). The firmware of the device can be regularly updated with the free Firmware Update Tool (via USB).


IKA Vacuum VC 10 Vacuum controller


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