SychemCHANGE is a dual access animal transfer station that provides ease and protection to animal technicians within the Life Science industry.

Cage change stations are the industry standard for performing minor procedures or cage changes. The stations are designed to protect animals from the external cage environment and users from allergens, dander and potential pathogens.

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SychemCHANGE is fitted with innovative features designed to maximise user comfort and animal welfare. Despite this, we always have space for a couple of additional features! Choose from bespoke side-mounted shelves, a clear-sided food hopper, automatic foaming hand sanitiser station, rear cover for single-sided configuration, & a repositionable locking arm that provides a high-powered magnifying glass, phone holder and clamp.


The animal transfer station’s system also features height adjusting legs, allowing the unit to be moved to a comfortable operating height for all users. Our red light mode is a user-set feature where you can change the LED lighting to red, creating a dark mode for animals used in experiments requiring complete darkness even during the cage changing process. SychemCHANGE has been designed with an intuitive user interface, allowing the technicians quick access to controls at a glance.

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