Portable Refrigerators

Fiocchetti, Italy

For more than 40 years Fiocchetti, Italy has been manufacturing Refrigerators and Freezers for dedicated use in Laboratories, Research Centers and Hospitals. Fiocchetti equipments are synonym of reliability and safety. The new range of Fiocchettisequipments features an attractive, stylish design and improved performance, to preserve valuable samples. Single or double temperature range REFRIGERATORS, FREEZERS, COMBINED (Refrigerator + Freezer) and ICE FLAKERS are available in a vast range of capacities and dimensions

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Portable Refrigerators

Developed for the transport of medicines, vaccines and temperature controlled products, Fiocchetti’s Portable Refrigerators adequately answer the most various requirements, taking advantage of continuous power supply (for the installation on ambulances and on cars) or of alternate current. Compactness, handiness and high insulation guarantee the top quality of the product and its outstanding performances.



  • Temperature Range: +10/-10 °C; +30/-20°C
  • Capacity: 29 Litres, 41 Litres, 65 Litres
  • Internal basket made of plasticized steel wire
  • Retractable lateral PVC handles
  • Very resistant, shockproof
  • Acoustic and Visual for temperature deviations


Optional Accessories

  • Graphic Chart Recorder
  • Datalogger
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