Automatic Washer Disinfectors For Nursing Homes and Geriatric Wards


Automatic Washer Disinfectors For Nursing Homes and Geriatric Wards

Steelco, Italy

Equipment and services for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of reusable medical instruments.
Outstanding solutions focused on quality, safety, productivity and environmental compatibility.
Steelco can provide washer disinfectors for small practices, up to high productivity devices and full system planning service to support CSSD team Managers in customizing lay-out configuration for new or restructured projects.

Automatic washer disinfectors

Contrary to domestic or industrial dishwashers, Steelco medical devices have been certified for the reprocessing of medical items.
Hygiene requirements within nursing homes, geriatric wards, rehabilitation centres and private clinical shall be very high in order to protect patients, particularly the eldest, who are exposed to great risks of infections due to their weakened immune system.
Professional washing together with termodisinfection of all common-use items which could be potentially contaminated (such as lunchbox, cups and plates, bowls, vases and other small accessories) can improve hygiene standards within those facilities, ensuring the patients’ health as well as that of staff and guests.

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DS 500 D

Thermodisinfection is the safest, recommended and most efficient method for the disinfection of the items commonly used in nursing homes, geriatric wards and rehabilitation centres. Steelco washer disinfectors, the same devices dedicated to the reprocessing of reusable medical devices following DIN EN ISO 15883 rules, ensure effective fungicide, bactericide and viral inactivation.
DS 500 thermodisinfector ensures complete effectiveness of the washing; farther double wall construction and thorough insulation reduce electricity consumption and heat loss.

Dimensions WxDxH:
600mm x 630mm x 850mm
23,62″ x 24.80″ x 33.46″

Chamber volume ~171 lt / 45.17 Gal US
Basket volume ~151 lt / 39.89 Gal US.

Machine configured with stand and glass window door.

version DS 500 D
LCD display control panel with 40 washing and thermal disinfection programs.

version DS 500 LEDD
LED display control panel with 10 washing and thermal disinfection programs.

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