Beta Container

Reduce contamination risks during loading and unloading

  • FDA and USP class 6 silicone seal
  • Class 1 leaktightness
  • 0.5µm surface rugosity
  • Limited extractables
  • Fewer particles generated during connection
  • No hidden surfaces
  • No liquid retention
  • Limited condensation
  • Smaller ring of concern
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Simplify handling and maintenance

Designed to improve ergonomy during production and simplify maintenance:

  • Easy connection from the bottom
  • Reduced rotation torque
  • No mechanical jamming
  • No bearings
  • Easy replacement of the seal
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Reduced footprint in washers and autoclaves
  • Replaceable connection lugs

Improve regulatory compliance

Developed in compliance with FDA 21CFR & USP Class VI

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